Who is Kim?

Hi! I am Kim Knight, a person with a passion for helping and supporting people live their best lives and in particular being the best entrepreneur they can be to create and grow their dream businesses. I truly believe in the transformative power of support, caring, acknowledgement and understanding. 

More About Me …

One thing that is blissfully obvious to anyone who gets to know me is that I am a global citizen and love to travel and work with peoples and entrepreneurs from all countries and all service-based industries. A good time to me means road or international rips, getting to know different entrepreneurs and their businesses, reading life-changing books, watching inspirational movies, scouting vintage stores and spending quality time with my furry baby, Tao. It has always been a dream of mine to not have boundaries between work, play, and a joy-filled and successful business. And guess what … it is possible! I

My roots as an entrepreneur go deep in my life. The earliest entrepreneurial project I took on was when I was about 12 years old. And then there were many ‘failed’ experiments which paved the way for me to discover a formula that works.

As a work ethic, I try too never get too comfortable and rest on my successes. My motto is to look forward, onward, and upward. I myself, have had great, exciting and comfortable jobs, I have tried many new ventures and I have spent a lot of money on ideas which have not worked. In a nutshell, I have experienced disappointing failures, I have been doubtful of my abilities, I have felt inadequate and fearful. Sometimes I have wanted to give up, but I know that that would be my biggest regret ever. I knew I was built for more and am proving it to myself and my clients everyday. 

And so, I am very serious about entrepreneurship; in your individuality, your personal story, your passion and the desire to explore and grow. I am excited to chat with you, learn about you and your business, and to make your amazing dreams to grow your business happen!

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