When is it time to stop networking in your business?

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As you may know already, real, effective networking takes a lot of time and effort and although the least costly of all marketing strategies, it can be costly, especially for businesses that are really struggling and do not have 2 cents to rub together. Coffee meetings and networking events do cost, even though generally minimal.  […]


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Due to special demand after the workshop in September, Kim will be hosting the CLIENT ATTRACTION SECRETS INTENSIVE half-day workshop again in October. To guarantee your seat, RSVP by or before Thursday 12 October. kim@kimknightcoaching.com Cell: 079 936 6459 The content is smokin’ hot and has been a real game changer for many past attendees on […]

Why Your Sales Funnel Leaks – And What To Do About It

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Sale Funnel Leaks—And What To Do About It For a business owner with a solid funnel in place, it’s easy to take a look at the number of subscribers at each level of the funnel and predict pretty accurately what the sales are going to be from day to day or week to week. If […]

Stop! Before You Raise Your Rates…Do This

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In every service provider’s life, there comes a time when you simply have to raise your rates. Maybe you’ve been in business for years without a pay increase. Maybe your skills have recently improved through a new training course or certification. Or maybe you just want to attract a higher caliber of client. Whatever the […]

The Art of the Discount: How to Never Lower Your Rates Again

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It’s happened to every service provider at one time or another—probably more than once. You offer a proposal or contract, only to have your potential client respond with, “That sounds great, but I can’t afford it.” What do you do? For a lot of service-based businesses, the first response is to lower their rate. After […]

How to Turn Business Overwhelm into Business Results!

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In business today we have an unlimited amount of information at the push of a button! If you want to learn how to get clients, market your business, capture your finances or start up or grow a business there are in effect … …thousands and thousands of pages of information, of programs, of courses and workshops, of […]