Tips for Breaking a Bad Habit

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Who doesn’t have a bad habit? It would be hard to find someone that you know that won’t admit to having some type of bad habit. These habits can be related to your health, your relationship or to your business.  One of the hardest things about breaking a bad habit is getting enough motivation to […]

Just Change ONE Thing

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Sometimes it seems like nothing works the way it should. If you’re a human, you have probably hit that point where work is no fun, relationship is a struggle and you don’t even feel comfortable in your body. At times like these, changing your life can seem overwhelming. There’s so much to do…where do you […]

What Does Being the HERO in Your Life Mean?

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“I don’t have enough time in one day” “There isn’t enough money.” “I don’t have enough resources.” “It’s just too complicated” “My partner always expects me to understand” “Why can’t he do it?” I am sure you have found yourself using one or more of these complaints in a week. Complaining never seems to serve us. It does […]

Venturing Into The Unknown

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What is familiar and known is comfortable. We know what to expect. We know how the story goes. And we know how we will respond. This applies to our lives and our businesses.  There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and content. It is nice and important to be able to rest up and enjoy […]

Accessing the Power of Gratitude

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The practice of gratitude as a tool for happiness has been in the mainstream for years. Long-term studies support gratitude’s effectiveness, suggesting that a positive, appreciative attitude contributes to greater success in work, greater health, peak performance in sports and business, a higher sense of well-being, and a faster rate of recovery from surgery. But […]

Renovations Rarely Go Exactly According to Plan

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I am right in the middle of renovating my home right now. If you have ever renovated a living space, one thing you will learn quickly is that you wish you had made all the changes you wanted to before you moved in, however, that is not always possible. It is only after living in […]

Daily Dose of Motivation

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Here’s a silly question: When was the last time you showered? Very few people walk around thinking that they never have to take a bath again because they had a shower that day. But this is what we tend to do when it comes to getting motivated.