Daily Dose of Motivation

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Here’s a silly question: When was the last time you showered?

Very few people walk around thinking that they never have to take a bath again because they had a shower that day. But this is what we tend to do when it comes to getting motivated.

Like a nice hot shower, motivation invigorates you and gets you moving. But it’s not something you do once and then you’re done. You don’t “get” motivated and “stay” motivated. You have to regularly renew your supply.

And yet, most of us don’t think about renewing our motivation daily like we think about brushing our teeth or taking a bath. It’s not a daily habit. For many people it’s simply a book they keep on their shelf and reference from time to time, a mantra that lingers in the back of their mind, or a quote they occasionally refer to when their productivity and enthusiasm start to whine. But motivation is not a fleeting effort. It is conscious, diligent and consistent. And the rewards are immeasurable.

So what if you built motivation into your daily routine? How would your life change? Maybe you commit to read a passage from an inspiring book each morning, or wake up to your favorite song. Maybe it’s going for a walk through the park in the early morning hours or taking a break each work day to quiet your mind through meditation .

Whatever it is, make it a priority to do it daily and watch your life change!

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