What’s Effective Entrereneurial Coaching, Guiding & Consulting

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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more," you are a leader"
John Quincy Adams - 6th U.S President

What’s Effective Entrereneurial Coaching, Guiding & Consulting

It is a trusting partnership of support, expertise and direction. Coaching provides a unique space and experience where the entrepreneur, as an individual and as the business owner, is heard and understood. Kim Knight Coaching celebrates both the successes and failures with her entrepreneurs because she knows that both are key factors for personal and business change, growth, empowerment and success. Coaching brings a fresh and impartial pair of eyes from the outside which are not caught up in the complexities and technicalities of the operations of the business. Instead the coach, guide or mentor takes more of a helicopter view of the entrepreneur and their business and investigates relevant questions regarding the health and well-being of both the business and the business owner. Coaching helps one to see the answers more clearly and with the help of the individual, creates action plans to transform overwhelm into simplified success. Kim Knight Coaching looks at the various facets of the business so that the business finances, the people and the daily actions all lead to strategic growth while the entrepreneur gets to maintain an incredible personal balance. If you could shorten the learning curve to living the lifestyle you want and to building a successful business, would you would you jump at the chance? That is what coaching can do for you. 

In reality an effective coaching & mentoring process allows for trusting and inspiring partnerships.


  1. Understand what makes an entrepreneur
  2. Shift who you are being in the business
  3. Change how you think about your business
  4. Build and run a business in a way that feels good to you
  5. Help you get on track and get unstuck
  6. Understand personal & business money mind-sets
  7. Increase your profitability
  8. Be accountable for positive results
  9. Have a super star quality of life
  10. Practice a razor sharp focus required for life and business success

Kim Knight Coaching helps entrepreneurs answer the questions to: "How do I become that entrepreneur I have always wanted to be?" "How do I take my life and my business to the next level?"


  • Have you had your heart set on goals, dreams and ambitions that have not yet been realized?
  • Do you live with a nagging feeling of anxiety or panic that you are not doing enough? 
  • Would you like to pursue your dreams that result in your ideal lifestyle and business?
  • Do you secretly fear success or for fear of ridicule and not having what it takes?


Here are 10 further questions you can ask yourself:

  • What do I need to do differently in order for my dream to become reality? 
  • Am I fulfilled and content with my life and the status of my business?
  • Am I feeling stuck in any area of my life or my business?
  • Am I feeling overwhelmed?
  • Am I settling for a mediocre life?
  • Why do I keep on getting the same results?
  • Is my business model too complicated?
  • Am I unproductively busy?
  • Do I doubt myself?
  • Do I wonder what if ...?
  • Do the quality of my life and business relationships serve me?
  • Do I want more out of my life and my business?


On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your life and business right now at this moment? Whatever that number is,would you like to improve it? 

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