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"Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you."
Wayne Dyer

Do You Have a Specific Question?

How much does coaching cost?

Fees vary according to the package requested and country of location.

How do I choose a coach?

The most important factor when choosing a coach is that you feel 100% comfortable with your coach. If you feel that there is real connection with your coach, the relationship will thrive and grow. Speaking to your life coach should not be an effort. If it is, you should consider changing. You are with the right coach if you feel that you can entrust all your thoughts, ideas and dreams without fear of being judged in the slightest.

How long are coaching sessions?

Sessions are generally one hour long. Depending on a specific course or package some longer sessions are included at various intervals in the program. 

Is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy focuses on past issues that stop them from moving forward in a normal day to day manner. Therapists are experts in their field and are considered the authority in the relationship. Coaches identify a past issue or stumbling black, but coaches do not stay there. Once the issue has been identified coaches focus on how to move forward from that point and continue on your journey to improve and grow as a person so that you can achieve your goals. The coaching process does not dwell on the past but focuses on where you right now and HOW to move forward.

What is provided in a regular coaching session?

Make purposeful changes in your life at home or abroad with the help of an effective expert transformational & transition coach. Start today by contacting Kim now at

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