Effective Coaching, Guiding & Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

In life and in business there are times when you need someone to help you through some difficult and challenging circumstances. A good coach, guide or mentor does not solve your problems, but they do listen to what you say and ask you important questions to help you get to the source of what is actually causing the problem. In essence a good coach will help you broaden your thinking and actions so that you can excel at what you do and be the person you know you can be so that you can achieve all you desire for your life and for your business.


Coaching is a unique experience where you, the individual and business owner, is listened to, heard, understood and supported. It is a time and space where you have the special opportunity to talk through your thoughts & ideas, your stresses and your ideal world. Your coach understands where you are operating currently. They help you get to where you want to be by addressing your limiting beliefs, your fears, your willingness to change and your determination to succeed. Your coach uses the skills of powerful questioning together with active listening and reframing perspectives to help you see yourself and your business more truthfully and more clearly.


Guiding is slightly different to coaching in that your coach or guide uses and shares their own personal life and business experience with you to offer suggestions on strategies, techniques and tools that may work very well for you and your business. Your guide has “been there”. They have experienced where you are right now and can offer their input to guide you to your own preferred solution.  


Mentoring, like coaching and guiding, also offers a sounding board for you, but a mentor can and does offer advice whereas coaching and guiding is more impartial and is focused on your improvement in behavior. A coach will offer options, but will never give advice. This is possible, however, in the mentoring context because in this space there are no specific performance objectives. The mentor is more personally involved in your life and is like a friend, but a friend who has life & business wisdom.  In a nutshell your coach, guide and mentor want to help you find the answers to your questions and then set up the action steps you need to change, improve or grow your life so that you can grow your business. 

What Happens When You get The Right Support?

Coaching, Guiding and Mentoring Can Help You:

  • Get unstuck!
  • Facilitate positive change
  • Improve and fast track performance
  • Achieve the results you dream about
  • Manage personal and business challenges holistically
  • Get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Let go of the past and move forward with purpose
  • Embrace an exceptional YOU and leave mediocrity behind!

Do I Have the Profile to Work with Kim Knight Coaching?

  • Avoid Kim Knight Coaching if you are looking for a passive coach, guide or mentor. We listen, ask lots of questions, uncover issues, address challenges and put you to task. We text and email you regularly and are very engaged.
  • Avoid Kim Knight Coaching if you want to pull the wool over your eyes and ours. We are busy; we cost and have no intention of wasting our time or your time and money. No matter how difficult it may seem the truth supports your coach more in helping you be successful than deception does. We know what it is like to pull the wool over our eyes and we are not going to help you do it.
  • Avoid Kim Knight Coaching if you want to ignore your strengths or weaknesses, if you want to blame others for your ‘failures’, or if you are not at least willing to start taking full responsibility for your success.
  • Do knock loudly on our doors if you are tired of being very busy, but unproductive; if you feel that you are alone and no-one understands the path that you are on, if you are being taken advantage of by those around you and if your life and your business are on hold because of your emotional or physical obligation to others.
  • Do sign up if you want to get rid of the anxieties in your life regarding YOU the individual, YOU the entrepreneur and YOU the business and if you have the guts to do whatever it takes to make your dream or vision a reality.

We at Kim Knight Coaching celebrate your successes and failures because we know that both are key factors for change, growth, empowerment and success. Allow your own personal coach, guide and mentor to take a helicopter view of you, the entrepreneur, and your business to help you see what you otherwise may never see and what may be holding you back from being truly exceptional and massively successful. 

Do You Still Have Doubts?

Here are 10 further questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I need to do differently to get different results?
  • Am I content with my level of growth and success?
  • Am I in a comfort zone of ‘stuckness’?
  • Am I satisfied with mediocre?
  • Is my life or business model too complicated?
  • Am I always busy, but not getting anywhere?
  • Do I doubt myself?
  • Do I wonder what if …?
  • Do I feel overwhelmed much of the time? 
  • Do I want more out of my life and my business?

If You Could Shorten the Learning Curve to Making it, What Would Stop You From Jumping at the Chance?