What will it take for YOU to succeed as an entrepreneur and a business owner? The answers are actually at your fingertips! All you need to do is take a closer look. Kim Knight Coaching understands that extraordinary entrepreneurial success requires the balance between the soft, personal and emotional side of the entrepreneur as well as the hard, tried and tested best business practices. Kim Knight Coaching’s hands-on approach in the packages available is aimed specifically to set you up for your personal and business success now and in the future.

Kim Knight Coaching Packages

The simple fact that you are here tells us that you are actively looking for a way to create some significant change(s) in your life and in your in business. The truth is that most entrepreneurs wish they could change something about their mindset, their discipline, and their limiting behaviors so that their businesses can be successful, profitable and dynamic. When a committed decision to do something differently to get improved outcomes has been made, miraculously, it seems, more opportunities become available and the possibility for true success becomes real and tangible.

Success is Waiting

Do you work really hard to be the best entrepreneur and to take your business to the next level; do you sacrifice time with family and friends to ensure your business grows; do you sometimes or often work through the night; do you go through phases when you feel like giving up and do you go without to help the business grow? Do you feel that if you just had some extra help, if you could just understand HOW and if you got valued feedback, input, and guidance that your journey could be easier and more successful than it is now?

If you see YOU in any of the above questions then you are in the right place right now.

Working together we will break your vision down into manageable steps and create a focused strategy to meet your entrepreneurial and business goals. Regardless of whether your goal is focused more on YOU the entrepreneur or your business, you will be coached on what actions are needed next and how to get it done. Kim Knight Coaching will be there to help you every step of the way.

So, are you really ready for success? Are you ready to make some major changes and are you ready to stop being mediocre and step into being exceptional?

Making such a bold move can be scary. Stepping out of the comfort zone that mediocrity tends to love needs careful thought and planning. If you are serious about getting unstuck and implementing success in your life, Kim Knight Coaching is for you.

The packages available provide the opportunity for Kim Knight Coaching to get to the core issue(s) and come up with a powerful breakthrough game plan. The secret is to start at the core of YOU so that that your new improved self becomes a meaningful and accurate reflection of your business.

This is Kim Knight Coaching’s specialty in working with so many amazing clients from all over the world. Kim Knight Coaching coaches, guides and mentors you through your process, step by step and provides effective and very practical ways to help you implement your new learned skills and insights. We know from experience that when you are given the opportunity to understand what entrepreneurship really means and how successful businesses operate as well as getting exposed to the right skills and receiving customized support , encouragement and acknowledgement, you will be capable of truly amazing things. If you really want to move to the next level Kim Knight Coaching can help you.

YOU Qualify for the Entrepreneurial Heart-Mind Journey if:

  •  You feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere
  •  You sometimes feel isolated and alone on your journey
  •  You get stopped or delayed by obstacles and challenges
  •  You would feel more confident with some qualified help and support
  •  You are 100% willing to take action and commit to your program
  •  You truly desire to want to learn HOW to achieve the success you want
  •  You are prepared to let go of what’s not working and implement the new
  •  You want a refreshing new perspective on what exceptional success looks like for you

Take a look at the Kim Knight Coaching’s transformational packages and decide see which one would best get you to where you want to be.

All Coaching Packages Include:

Focused meetings or Skype sessions as well as comprehensive & customized action plans to suit you and your business. Kim Knight Coaching goes the extra mile and enables you to have some extra personal support during the time between your sessions to help keep you on track. These connections provide the space for you to share your wins, fears or decision-making stresses with your coach, guide or mentor in real time so that you do not have to wait until your next meeting session.