In a 3 short months of focusing on getting new clients I already have 10 clients and it keeps growing. I never dreamed that it was possible.

Kim emphasizes the importance of implementation and focusing on the right stuff. Her Client attraction workshop was an eye opener for me in understanding my target market.

The support, business expertise and accountability Kim provides is invaluable!"

“In 3 Short Months I Already Have 10 New Clients”
Rose Brand, Life Coach, International

“Almost six figures on this sale. Still cannot believe that this element of my life is coming true. I have also accomplished my first speaking event in January 2017.

Further to that we are strategically aligning with another company and will be moving to our own warehouse and we will be expanding our range of products.

All of this has happened in a matter of months.

Thanks to Kim and all her support I have finally seen the light and taking every opportunity we can as a business to grow."

“And the Big Invoices Keep Growing.”
Nathan Keegan, Easy Green, South Africa

With Kim’s mentoring and coaching, the profound change helped me grow and improve myself both personally and professionally.

My journey with Kim was a metamorphosis that helped me overcome challenges that were holding me back to turn my visions into realities.

I learnt to face my challenges head on with Kim’s encouragement and support and was able to set goals and she was there to make sure I was on track with them.

When I met Kim I was just a year in business desperately trying to juggle being a business woman, mother and wife.

Kim helped me structure and align my goals and vision for the business that propelled me to take my business that had 1 employee to a current staff of 7 employees and with an increase of 500% in turnover which helped me take the award away for ‘Wealth Creator in a Business’ at a recent graduation ceremony for entrepreneurs.

Kim’s unique way of understanding and explaining issues and challenges and her compassionate nature have transformed me to be a more effective leader in my business and a more patient and loving parent and wife.

In a life-time people come and go, while some make an impact that will stay on forever and Kim is one of those people in my life. She remains my constant source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement every week.

“I Grew My Business by 500% & Increased our Team from 1 Employee to a Full Team of 7”
Kalai, Business Owner Coverall - Durban

We work with Kim on a project working with unemployed youth wanting to start their own businesses.

Kim was invaluable in the process and worked with the learners/entrepreneurs over the period of the project meeting with learners, coaching and supporting them both professionally and personally and providing follow up motivational mails and meetings. The service ensured a high success rate on the project.

Kim engaged with our organisation professionally and was responsible, focused and engaging.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kim as both a business coach and personal development guide and mentor.

“Kim was Invaluable on a Project Helping Youth to Start their Own Businesses.”
Jason Le Grange, Assessment Warehouse, Cape Town

As a result of working with Kim, I was able to break through my limiting beliefs and low self-esteem as an entrepreneur and secure an important deal with a big corporate that had been rejecting me for more than a year.

In short, Kim can help entrepreneurs understand the important link between Personal and Business Vision; Identify and remove limiting beliefs & thought patterns; Understand the importance of having a good Self-Image; Create a Vision Map; The breaking down of one’s vision into goals and tracking them and Maintain personal and business life balance.

“I Broke Through my Limiting Beliefs & Low Self-esteem as an Entrepreneur.”
Portio Dlamini, Business Owner, South Africa

Kim, I have so much knowledge I have gained from rubbing shoulders with you. I have absolutely no words to express the amount of joy you have helped me shape into my life.

Love you always 🙂

“I Have Gained So Much From Rubbing Shoulders With You.”
Phili, Business Owner, Durban

Kim Knight Coaching changed my life! I am still using simple yet profound strategies over the years.

“Kim Knight Coaching Changed MY Life!”
Diane, Canada

When Kim started helping me with my financial planning about seven years ago, I barely had money to my name.

I had no debts and I was earning a nice salary, but burning through it every month.

Kim helped me to start thinking differently about money. She helped me devise a strategy, which included keeping a detailed account of my spending, building up an emergency fund, short term savings goals and long term savings goals.

Today, I consider myself very blessed to be in the financial situation that I’m in. I have built up a safety net that allowed me to take a year out of work for full time study without touching my savings; I have excellent health and disability insurance; and I have managed to build up a portfolio that includes stocks, property, commodities and offshore investments.

Working with money is a skill anybody can acquire, but not many people have. I will be eternally grateful to Kim for helping me get my money smarts on.

Hello Kim, I haven’t give myself time to read your inspiring Friday Stories in a while. I usually get to at least scan through them as I know they contain fuel to move us towards our dreams. I just want to say Thank You. Thank you for the vision board. Thank You for the being interested. Thank You for the kind of books I am now reading. Thank You for renewing hope.


Stoi Business Consultants

“Thank You for Renewing My Hope.”

In 2009 I was living and working in Riyadh, and had gotten myself entangled in a sticky combination of culture shock and a bad relationship. Meltdown was imminent, but I was lucky enough to know Kim, and started making use of her coaching services.

Truthfully, it was more out of desperation for somebody to discuss my problems with, than from any belief in the coaching system, but regardless of the reason I initially asked Kim for help, I could not possibly have foreseen the positive benefits I got from those sessions - benefits that still apply to this very day.

Kim never told me what to do - she simply listened. She taught me to ask the right questions when working through my issues. Questions that, once asked, could only lead to clarity and insight into whatever situation was at hand. Kim taught me extremely practical strategies for problem solving: Simple but highly effective ways to a) place any problem in perspective b) discover all the different options and c) … viola!

It has been nearly 8 years and to this day, my whole approach to problems, sticky situations and also positive opportunities, is coloured and nuanced by what I learnt from Kim.

Sometimes, it feels as if I just have to imagine her reaction to a hypothetical problem to know what to do! Added to that, and a bonus beyond price, is Kim’s investment in me personally.

I employed a coach, and I gained a life long friend.

“I Employed a Coach, and Gained a Life-Long Friend.”
Thea Boshoff, Global Citizen, November 2016

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your words in the email and your encouragement!
You are starting to get me to believe in myself again and its feeling great.

James Botha
Self-Belief, Durban, South Africa 2014

Hi Kim, Thank you so much for our meeting, I'm very grateful for your gifting. I hardly slept that night and am still excitedly working on the insight I have had. I'm amazed how this,specific lack of clarity, resulted in such a cloudy blockage in me. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying and savoring the complete eviction of this thing that has been sabotaging my full success.

Best Regards,

“Clarity has opened my Eyes!”
Andrew, Media Business Owner, South Africa

Dear Kim, Thank you so much for this very amazing experience! I really do want to do something valuable and exciting with my life and even though I'm not there yet, I feel excited about it and good about myself now because of my personal mission statement you helped me write.

Thank you for that.

Noha Nasser
Personal Mission, Beirut, Lebanon, 2015

The formula is incredibly helpful. Kim, I know I’ve said this to you before and I may have already said this to you last week, but I’ll repeat it. What I’ve learned in our sessions together over the past couple of years feels so concrete; even the words you use such as “tools” is very concrete/tangible. That I can mine an incident, for example, successful or not and come away with a tool for more successful communication still leaves me shaking my head. You’ve made something I thought was a one-off possible again. You’ve shown me that I do have the power.

Olivia Gordon
I have the Power, South Korea, Aug 2014

Hi Kim,

A bit of my energy seems to be returning since I began coaching with you. It all seems a little bit more manageable when we break things down to a day at a time. I had been stressed because I was stressing about the future while being in the present. So, I am just looking forward to being persistent and getting things done session by session.

I am still a bit scared at this stage in the game but I know that I am doing the right thing and I am working hard to be a bit more patient and less hard on those around me and myself. I am very excited and am looking forward to achieving the goals I have set and to be working further with you.

Stress Management, Durban, South Africa

Hello Kim,
Guess what? This is just something I've been figuring out on my own lately, and have been putting in into practice. All my life I've put other people's needs first and mine last, if ever! How usual is this? I think because we are women and it is expected of us as well as being part of who we are, ( Nurturers) we DO care for others' needs first and foremost. Yet in the process, forget ourselves and THEN become drained, angry, resentful......but, I'm learning it doesn't have to be this way. I can and will also nurture myself! Thanks for the tip!

Ontario, Canada

I contacted Kim Knight in Oct 2005 and agreed to a life coaching contract of 12 weeks. I am now in week 20 and still going strong. The reason I am still coaching with Kim, is not that I haven’t resolved or made progress on what I originally went to her for help with, but that I have made SO much progress, even more than I ever thought possible, that I choose to continue our coaching relationship. I will continue to use coaching to support me in living the best life possible. Now I understand why world class athletes have coaches. They definitely have the skills and talent, but their coach helps them get to the top level in their field. That is what my coach does for me; she helps me be at the world class level in my life.

Coaching brings a very positive focus and forward movement towards what I want in my life. I feel so positive, inspired and enthused about myself and my life. I have someone who is totally behind me, supporting me to move towards what I want. I know that so much more is possible and I will continue coaching to help me get there. I make much more progress with a coach, than I have ever made on my own or with anyone else’s support.

I am happier, more peaceful, more content, and believe in myself and my abilities more than I ever thought possible. I am amazed at the real changes that have occurred in my life in such a short period of time, changes that I have been wanting for 15 years, but no other method or process helped me achieve.
I can highly recommend coaching to everyone, and especially coaching with Kim. She is supportive, challenging, insightful and a great coach.

Deborah Kolb

Dear Kim,

I cannot say enough about the work we've done together. You saved my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but you helped me in ways that I really didn't ever envision. Today, I no longer feel wound up like a top about anything. Yes, I get agitated and irritated, but it doesn't last as long as it used to. It's as if the percentage of time I spent agitated is now the time I spend more at peace because I'm now doing and saying things I never did before. Me!


Kim has got me to meet my own rebellion! It was this rebellion inside me that made me sabotage myself when it came to eating. To be able to see that when I ate something that jeopardized my weight loss the only one I was cheating on was me. Today I have found that instead of having the feeling of "missing out" on something when I “can’t” eat what I want to eat, I have the ability to see the benefits instead when I decide to NOT eat whatever is enticing me. It is a GREAT feeling.
Kim has supported me by listening without judgement; she believes in my own strengths and believes that I can drop weight. She has held me accountable and has REALLY MOTIVATED me to move out of my comfort zone and take responsibility for what I want and where I want to go. I will ENCOURAGE all those who REALLY want to find your way to losing weight and get fit to takestep out of your comfort zone and ask Kim to support you on your way! I want to give Kim A BIG BUNCH of flowers for supporting me in all the ways that I needed.

Eva Dahlberg
Manila, Philippines

Dear Kim In our coaching sessions my purpose was to learn how to manage time and balance a full-time job and motherhood and a PhD. Thanks a lot Kim for coaching me on these essential life skills. I have really learned a lot from you. I look forward to the day when I announce to you and my family that I finished my draft of the confirmation paper for the PhD and sent it to my supervisors. P.S.I really enjoy your Golden Nuggets. They give me the boost that I need 🙂

Saudi Arabia

Kim is a keen listener, huge supporter and provides superb coaching and guidance. She is extremely professional, experienced and knowledgeable. Having Kim in your corner is a huge asset.

Gada Korayim
Saudi Arabia

Wauw, very powerful and original writing. So much coaching language is copy of copy of copy.... Your message this week was truly spontaneous and original. Very nice work!

Jacinta Hin

Hi Kim,

I like the message you sent on your inner critic. I have a very big inner critic and sometimes find it hard to move forward. You would however be very proud of me! On Wednesday I finally confronted Melanie and brought up all the situations in which she has bullied and belittled me. I was able to put a lot of what you said into practise, I did however get a little emotional about it, but on the whole stayed very calm. I used all the examples that I have been writing down for months and she was very surprised. Things have changed a little and time will tell how Melanie responds to anything that has been said. It feels good to put my examples and strategies into practice and move forward.

Thank you.

Charlotte, NC, USA

"We used Kim for a project working with unemployed youth wanting to start their own businesses. Kim was invaluable in the process with the learners/entrepreneurs, coaching and supporting them both professionally and personally

Jason Le Grange
Cape Town, South Africa

Hi Kim, I am reading your latest eBook - "How To Be an Extraordinary Coach - Powerful Tools, Strategies and Techniques" and am very much enjoying and learning from it! Looking forward to the opportunity to have a session with you in the near future.

Ontario, Canada

"Thanks for your help Kim. Just knowing that I have you as support has meant so much to me this past week and the last couple of hours even!!! I feel truly comfortable telling you everything, and that is a big gift you have."

Jesse Pidwysocki

Jesse Pidwysocki
New Zealand

I always read your tips and have many of them up on my fridges, mirrors, and walls at home!

Jesse Pidwysocki
New Zealand


I would love to say I think this is so true, there have been so many times that I have become a victim of a situation and have told and told and retold everybody I can about how I have been treated. Now I just stop and try and work through the problem, by writing down what happened, how could I have changed the situation and how can I now move forward. It doesn't always work but I am slowly trying to change the way I react to situations and the way I let people make me feel. Please keep sharing these pearls of wisdom, they always make me sit up and think about things.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Wrtten by Katrin on her Face Book "Status"

Katrin Faridani is ...

shedding pounds, taking up new hobbies and feeling darn amazing
about herself. And she is figuring out her next career move too. LIFE IS GREAT!

Thank you lady.

Katrin Faridani
Canadian at present in Gwangju, Korea

Hi Kim,
Thank you for the wonderful session we had on Thursday and your assistance in helping me open up about the sensitive issue at hand. It is amazing. I can't describe how long I have kept this bottled up inside me, but I am glad that it is out in the open and that I can now deal with it directly and keep the FEAR away. Thanks again for listening.

Durban, South Africa

Hi -- I didn't know that I could sign up for Kim's free emails but I have been getting and totally plunging into David Wood. And there's some seminar that I'm going to be listening to today -- and I'm going to be starting school after the first of the year. All of the reading, questionnaires, etc have made me take a really hard and honest look at all areas of my life -- it's been really a good experience.


California, USA

Kim Knight's weight- loss program and expatriate program truly changed my life! I began coaching with her as an expat, living in South Korea, at a time when I was feeling anxious about my weight, health, and the transition of coming home to Canada. I began her weight-loss program in April, at 74 kilos, and reached my goal weight of 60 kilos only 3.5 months later. Having tried countless programs and always failing, I didn't expect that I could possibly achieve this goal. When I was on the last week of my vacation in Thailand -right before flying home- I reached my goal weight! The best part was that Kim was there to share that moment with me. I'm so grateful to her for inspiring me to ask more of myself and continuing to offer support and coaching. Since I've been back, I've managed to stay at my goal weight and was even asked to model ski clothes for a magazine- never in my wildest dreams did ever think I'd do something like that!!!! Kim's approach is different than anything else out there- it will target and impact every other aspect of your life. I found that once I got started, it just got easier and it has had a positive affect on every aspect of my life.
Thanks Kim!

Leah Kenyon

Hi, Kim, I just wanted to thank you for being there. The great tips you give have been helping me to go through hard times and to achieve goals I never thought I could. You are really a great coach and deserve my deepest thanks. I wanted to let you know I am very impressed with your messages.

Manar Dayoubm

Kim, a chat with you is like a spiritual refuel. I always walk away feeling energized and clear about what I need to focus on. Thank you.

Mandy Murphy
Durban, South Africa

I decided to go on Kim's retreat to Cape Town in August 2009. It was the BEST decision I could have made! Not only did Kim ensure that I participated in quality coaching sessions every day, she also ensured that I was looked after properly in my accommodation! Kim was also able to show me some of the beautiful sites and tourist attractions in and around Cape Town and share some of her local knowledge with me. Our visits to Robben Island and Cape Point were particularly memorable. The entire experience allowed me to identify my values and establish goals for myself. This was particularly beneficial to me at that time since I had just come out of a relationship and was feeling unsettled. I found myself returning home with a fresh sense of purpose, self-approval and feeling positive. I find that, even now, when I experience a difficulty, I reflect on what Kim taught me. Kim is a truly wonderful lady who is a very gifted life coach. I would thoroughly recommend going on one of her retreats!

Margaret Grace
Scotland & Saudi Arabia

Kim is an exceptionally talented coach who not only helps you to identify your own personal goals, but motivates you to succeed in achieving them! I visited Kim for regular coaching sessions for a number of months and found them to have a profound impact on my life. She encouraged me to think about what I really wanted to achieve (not what other people wanted) and to believe that I deserve success and to make my dreams a reality. Kim also inspired me to believe that anything is possible (provided it is right for me and is what I really want to do).

I was also privileged to join Kim for her retreat to the beautiful city of Cape Town. Kim planned all of the activities carefully and allowed me time to reflect within the stunning environment of the Cape. Besides helping me to focus on my goals for my future, I was able to learn a lot about the area since Kim was able to share her local knowledge with me. She arranged my accommodation and did well to choose a place that not only served delicious breakfasts(!), but was in a lovely residential area of the city.

Today, I continue to utilize the skills that Kim has taught me since I know that her practices work! I have witnessed many positive things happen in my life that would not have occurred had I not gone to Kim for regular sessions. I understand that just because change does not necessarily occur over night, it is easy to give up. However, if I am patient, consistent, take responsibility for my life and follow Kim’s methods, I CAN achieve.

Margaret Grace

Dear Kim,

First of all, let me give you some feed back about the new year's resolutions. So far I have kept the initial three resolutions, ie exercising 3 times a week, eating breakfast every day and organizing either a drawer or a closet, or a room (or part of of it). Today I had the first compliment, coming from the daughter of a friend who came to visit me: "Wow! your house looks much cleaner!" Thanks to your suggestions! My mission statement for this year is exactly changing this situation of instability and restrictions that has been bothering me so much. I have no words to express how much your precious Golden Nuggets have been important to me. They have been the guideline for my daily actions, helping me to reflect, to organize my thoughts, to be aware of my difficulties - and my talents, too!

Thanks for everything!

Maria Helena
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dear Kim, I feel so lucky to be your client. For losing weight - in one month I have lost 4 kilos, and that makes me so
happy. And for reaching my goals, I start to feel that I am close to achieving some of them. Thanks to you and your questions. They helped me a lot in focusing on what I want exactly. Besides you being in touch with me always.

YES you have made my life! THANK YOU !

Maria Helena Nunes

Hi Kim. Long time since we last spoke ... just wanted to let you know that we're moving to the Cape at the end of the year. And a special thanks I owe to you ... the few sessions we had last year finally got me to believe that there is life after work and this has been our dream for the last 8 years. So THANK YOU so very much! You have been a divine intervention in my life.

Gauteng, South Africa

I found your book to be very valuable and will be using it with my Coaching Clients as well as myself. I find asking the right question just stops a lot of negative self talk and opens up my awareness to the new possibilities that exist.

Mary Cawood
Lexington, KY, USA

When I first met personal life coach Kim Knight I was a deeply frustrated person. My personal growth had been stuck for years and although I appeared to most people to be functioning well, I knew something was very wrong. After a while Kim started coaching me for an hour a week and bit by bit I discovered things about myself I had never even suspected.

She has given me the key to unlocking my blocked potential and helped me to change within some important relationships in my life, so that I have not been growing alone. Our work is continuing and she is unfailingly supportive, professional and insightful. I have great admiration for her and even greater gratitude because without her I would not have opened these new doors.

Melanie Steyn
Sunchon National University, S.Korea

In the time that I've been a client of Kim's I've found her to be consistently professional, dedicated and sincere. I started the coaching process without any prior knowledge of the field and consequently, I was a little wary at first. In very little time Kim's honest and practical character reassured me that I was in good hands. Her real desire to help is immediately apparent and her wisdom, positive energy and pragmatic approach have been a balm to my soul time and again. I started the coaching at a time of great confusion and hopelessness in my life and, with Kim's help, my thinking has become clearer and I now feel that real change in my life is possible. She has helped me both outwardly in choosing my career direction and she continues to help me move forward inwardly in many facets of my life.

Mr. Walsh

Having a coaching session was something new to me, but I was willing to try it to help me deal with someone whom I thought was "difficult". I discovered that there were tools available to me that I could use and apply to the problem with my coach's help. Kim is a great listener and she has helped me handle things differently, not only with the issue we were working on, but other issues that could be solved in a similar fashion. She inspires one to take action and direction to find your own solution.

Priscilla Anthony
Cape Town, South Africa

You have made a tremendous difference in my life over the last few months.

South Africa

I am proud to say that Kim Knight has been my coach since 2006. The fact that we have maintained a coaching relationship these past years should be very telling.Over the years Kim has supported me on many issues including building my business. It is without any hesitation that I whole-heartedly endorse Kim Knight and her work as a Certified Professional Coach.

Rob Stringer
Ontario, Canada

Dear Kim,

I would like to thank you for your e-mails and tips. I always carry my EBook and read it almost every day. I do believe that this is the way that I can find my magic power. I am living in Iran. If you would like to come and see my country, it would be my pleasure to be your host. We have very beautiful cities and monuments that you may like to see. I will forward some pics from my country. I hope to see you one day in future.

Roja Ghasemi

Hello Kim, I just wanted to say that I love getting your newsletters. I have received several from different Coaches and web sites and I have to say that yours are my favourite. You are personable yet professional. You aren't sending the message "Give me your $$$$". Thank you. Your advice is applicable, encouraging and practical.

There was a particular letter you sent out in November (I'm sorry I can't remember the title), but came at the right time and was so inspiring I sent to everyone I know. It had a really big impact in my life. I have actually started a file with many of your letters, which helps not only now but helps inspire me to becoming a Motivational Speaker. That is the dream I am working towards now. It is interesting how God is using me right now. I am definitely well on my way. Thank you for sharing your gift and being real!
Thank you. Just wanted you to know that.

Shannon Giesbrecht

"Kim got me started on a weight loss journey that has helped me become more “conscious” of choices that were sabotaging my weight loss which in turn has helped me to make more life affirming choices. Kim creates a space of safety where her clients are able to explore limiting beliefs and “old stories” that have impacted previous attempts to lose weight. She holds a client accountable for the steps that have been agreed upon, establishes measurable goals with the client, and champions a client’s determination to achieve the desired results. Kim creates a strong connection and her approach is very supportive. I am not surprised that she has helped countless individuals change their perspective and lose the weight they hadn’t been able to previously. Thanks Kim!"


Thank you so much Kim. I really appreciate your tips. They have really changed me. My colleagues have made so many comments and I'm glad they are all positive ones. They are really impressed by my new sense of style. It has boosted my ego in such a way that even at home I eat well, my house is neat, though small but its great to live in. My whole life has changed even my fiancé is so happy about the new me. I feel I am just myself. Thank you so so so so so much.

Takhona Ginindza

Dear Kim

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your coaching. I so much appreciate how you help me put things into perspective. The day so far is good. I am going with the flow, and I am on my way back up.


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