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One-on-one coaching

You probably don’t realise that you need a mind-set makeover. So, ask yourself these questions and be really honest in your responses: Are you exhausted or dissatisfied about being in the same place over and over? Do you want to live life differently, and be more empowered, confident and purposeful? Do you want to give mediocrity the boot and embrace the exceptional? If you said yes to any of the questions but don’t know how to go about making a change, then you are in the right place! I have helped hundreds of people reinvent their lives through inspired action, turning their visions and dreams into reality. My private, focused coaching sessions are designed to empower you to lead a more joyful, successful and fulfilling life.


If you’re stuck in a corporate disaster tale with a career that is going nowhere or a job that you don’t like, then my executive coaching sessions are the perfect antidote.  Learn how to achieve higher levels of performance, increased job satisfaction and remarkable personal growth. I offer a powerful executive turnaround strategy that includes personal change, career transition, improved communication, and effective conflict and performance management.

For more than a decade, through Kim Knight Coaching, I have helped, inspired and motivated hundreds of individuals and businesses to achieve genuine results. Many of my clients are based abroad as the virtual support I offer via Skype and email is no less impactful than the clients who are able to meet with me face-to-face so you tap into me from anywhere in the world!


There’s no doubt that the combination of passion and aspiration is a formidable driving force for every entrepreneur. However, when you’re boldly charting new waters, the journey can be rough and unpredictable. This is when an investment in a good business or entrepreneurial program will give you all the knowledge, skills and support you need to effectively run a business. The one-year Mastermind program that I offer is popular with service-based entrepreneurs who are determined to break six figures fast. It provides workable, practical and implementable solutions so you can minimise or avoid the stumbling blocks that most people face in their entrepreneurial journey, and successfully build a thriving business.


Imagine how much you will learn about yourself and your business when you escape from your daily stresses and routine to focus on issues in an idyllic, adventurous setting? I am happy to share to my local and international retreat options are immensely popular with individuals who want to tear down the barriers to imagination and bold thinking. An extraordinary combination of a travel holiday with deep personal and business learnings, these retreats help fast-track positive change and commitment so you return home invigorated, inspired and with an action plan to boot!

intercultural training

As residents of a global business village, success depends on being able to communicate to a diverse audience and dealing with the practical challenges of working internationally. I am often called upon by organisations worldwide for my intercultural training and facilitation, which has  helped scores of executives successfully walk the global cultural tightrope. These sessions equip you with the necessary tools so you have a sound understanding of multiple cultures and effective multi-cultural communication, giving you a competitive edge.

group coaching

The collective wisdom of a group setting often hits the sweet spot when exploring a certain life issue over a period of time. It is why group coaching is so powerful – and popular! Throughout the years, I have facilitated small or medium-sized groups, providing an intimate, safe conversation and learning space for individuals who want to revamp perspectives with the help from peers. It is truly incredible what you can accomplish through group coaching!


Of all my successes and accomplishments, I am truly humbled and blessed to be able to create inspirational, collaborative hubs for business clients and community members to engage meaningfully with each other. My regular workshops are intimate and personal. Here, I share my skills, insights, expertise and support to facilitate a learning environment that is both rewarding and empowering. These intimate networking opportunities are high on any business health barometer.