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Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like if you earned six figures, every, single month. Or how it would feel to live with passion and purpose, without fear? What if you could redefine your corporate game-plan armed with the knowledge and tools to always succeed?

I’m Kim Knight of Kim Knight Coaching. As a sought-after coach, guide, mentor and consultant, I have helped start-ups across South Africa achieve six-digit growth within a year; have given small and medium-sized businesses the muscle to take on corporate SA; have played a pivotal role in inter-cultural assimilation, and have helped hundreds of individuals give wings to their dreams.

“I love to work with individuals and entrepreneurs who want more out of their lives and businesses but don’t know how to make that happen. My aim is to help them stop the merry-go-round of mediocrity and become truly happy, accomplished and confident people who live nothing less than exceptional lives.”

Kim Knight, Kim Knight Coaching

I am a creative, forward-thinker who is passionate about strategic, results-oriented solutions and I have served the entrepreneurial and corporate industry with distinction for the past 12 years. My success centres around my global experience as a Personal Life and Top Six Mastermind coach, my strategic business insights and my ability to craft tailored solutions that are proven to deliver results.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and your business in terms of time, resources and action, then I will help you raise the bar so you can reap the benefits and turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary adventure!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kim Knight for helping me turn my business around. Just to give you some background. I’ve been a struggling entrepreneur for some years and I was ready to throw in the towel and go back to corporate. I had low self-esteem and no confidence, was dealing with bad clients and had an attitude of desperation. I met Kim Knight and instantaneously we connected. Ever since meeting Kim and enrolling in her Top 6 Mastermind program, I have discovered my self-worth and now have clients who I love working with. In fact, I have made such a big change that I am now hosting my own workshops and doing public speaking. Ever since doing Kim’s ‘Client Attraction’ workshop my business has shifted to another dimension. Thank you Kim Knight! It’s an honor and privilege to be under your mentorship. You have only helped me immensely on all levels, both personally and in business. What I love the most about Kim is her caring and loving approach to her clients and to their businesses.
Sunil Sew, Social Media Training, October 2017
Hi Kim New SeasonZ (my company) has received an order of 100 books from PC Training College, Durban. Everything is approved and I will be delivering their stock early next week. I am sharing this news because you are amongst the people who have contributed in building more confidence in me for this product. This happened through the Friday stories you usually send us, two in particular that spoke about book marketing.
Liziwe - Owner, New Season Consultant
Thank you so much Kim! You have played a major role in my life when everything was upside down. Here I today after the storm of my life with the new vehicle for my business.
Siyabonga Xulu - 19 April 2018
Good morning Kim . Thank you for the love and assistance that you have given me throughout the year. I can’t believe how much I have changed in the last months- and it is all because of you.
Shika Siverpersad Attorneys & Conveyancers
To Kim Knight, your lessons of life and how to better yourself through simply beating small challenges, even if just one everyday to feel fully motivated and successful has changed my life.
Nathan Keegan - 7 May 2018
I would like to take this opportunity and send my gratitude to the most vital people in my business life and my life, firstly would like to thank Kim Knight my best mentor in the whole world with the best family ever the Masterminders program. You guys you rock, you have played a vital roll in my life and my business and today when I look at all these achievements, I'm so humble by your genuine love and support you showed me even today. I love you all. Lastly it is my wish for all the small growing businesses to join this loving family of the "TOP 6 FIGURE MASTERMINDERS PROGRAM. It is working! You will see a turn around in your business that you never imagined.
Siyabonga Xulu - 5 May 2018