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Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like if you were a successful entrepreneur. Imagine having a profitable business where you organised and  productive and not just busy all the time. What would it feel like to not procrastinate and to make decisions based on passion & purpose instead of fear?

I’m Kim Knight of Kim Knight Coaching. I am an international entrepreneur and business coach, guide, mentor and consultant and I help immerse entrepreneurs into what it means to start up and and grow a business.

“I love to work with entrepreneurs who want more out of their lives and businesses but don’t know how to make that happen. There is nothing better than putting a stop to the merry-go-round of mediocrity and step into becoming a successful entrepreneur and business owner.”

Kim Knight, Kim Knight Coaching

If you want to know how to attract more clients, improve your cash flow, understand which marketing platform would bring the best return of investment; I would love to help you raise the bar in your life and in your business!

Kim the ' Creating Packages' course is brilliant. I have so enjoyed this so far. I cannot believe what I'm now seeing that I didn't see before in my offerings and the opportunities. 🙌🏻
Anita Tappin, Startup Eantrepreneur
Good morning family of entrepreneurs . Trust that you are well It was great meeting everyone !!! Wishing you well ( every ounce of success ) . Stay blessed And a special THANK YOU to our international presenter ( Kim ). The course was insightful ( well organised/ systematic ) - and most of all PRACTICAL !!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Charles Khanny, Entrepreneur, Coach & Leadership Specalist
Kim, a huge thank you to you for 'Canva for True Beginners'courses. I am now able to do social media posts😊😊 and I enjoy doing them (unlike before when I dreaded using Canva). Couldn’t have got to know Canva without you. xx
Niki Askew, Entrepreneur & Owner, T-RIFIK Painters
Thank you so much Kim for another great networking meet up, as well as my prize for my free meet up entrance in September. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Caryn Walker, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Company Profiles South Africa
Kim, I can't thank you enough for the Canva Course for True True Beginners. I have been wanting to use Canva for a long time, but was so fearful and did not think I would be able to do it. One thing I so appreciated Kim was that you really stuck to beginner's level. I am so excited now. I just love it and this has opened up a whole new world for me. Now I have a problem keeping myself away from Canva 🙂
Mandy Conradt, Creative Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Mandsmade
Kim Knight of Kim Knight Coaching has been a client for 3 years and I just know her as a woman of incredible strength, and not your ordinary Business Coach. She is passionate almost to a fault about what she does, especially when it comes to helping start up businesses or established entrepreneurs. She is my “go to” woman when it comes to business; her wisdom, patience and insight into people and their businesses is second to none. Kim’s ability to adapt her business during lockdown has been an inspiration.
Trish Bartholomew, Business Owner, MRB Financial Services, Broker Specialist | Advisor
Dear Kim. Last week's quote next to my TV helped in so many ways. For one it stayed in my mind like a Bible verse. I watched my responses before saying something. I also said: "its ok” if something unplanned came up. I struggled with pain from sleeping weird for over a week and I said it's ok. I played a song for my grade 6 students. They were so serious and said let's play it again. They sang along which broke the ice and they ended up leaving class loving Math. I faced a big challenge I have applying bravery to tackle this one head on because it matters so much to me. Thank you so much for the Monday Motivators. It really helps me to focus my thoughts and energy in making the week work in my favour and not let it slide away without any accomplishment. Appreciate it! Hugs.
Priscilla Anthony, Cape Town
Kim, I most definitely will keep in contact. Thanks again for your input into our lives and businesses, because of you we become better at what we do and our business become bigger🌺
Tanusha Naidoo, Budding Entrepreneur & Start-up, Customised, live, creative exclusive events.
Kim, I love it. The 5 Week Online Course for Start-ups has opened up a new world of opportunities to me that I never knew existed. I could have spent the next 20 years of my life sitting at a desk waiting for retirement hoping and dreaming about better but then you see people like yourself doing the job they love with such an excitement and you know you want to feel like that too. Thank you Kim. I'm forever grateful.
Kaylene Steenkamp, Entrepreneur & Budding Start-Up, Yoga for Kids
Hi Barry, Kim. That was a REALLY interesting session on Saturday for the retirement and retrenchment workshop – so glad I attended. I was actually chatting about it the following day with my dad and bouncing the ideas around. I think it will help my thinking when helping retired or close to retiring clients immensely. And me – the exercises we did sparked a lot of new ideas. Have a great week both of you! Mike
Mike Cason, Financial Advisor
Hi Kim Thank you for the Monday motivators. I look forward to your emails at the start of every week. I find your quotes very relatable. Especially the one I received today, its one that I have to keep reminding myself of. Many thanks!
Preleshni Govender, Franchisee, Booking, Accounting & Tax Services
Dear Kim, I feel soooo empowered since I took your Canva course. Thank you. I will definitely take more advanced Canva courses from you. It was worth every cent.
Laurie Kohrs, Business Owner, Bundunet, Furniture Hire for Special Events
I really cannot believe, it has been a year in the Top 6 Mastermind programme, Kim!! Signing up with you was the best decision I ever made!! It has served to validate my decision to leave employment in 2016 (with no concrete plan) but a loud call to stop living a lie!! Thank you.
Tandaza Nticinka, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Body Divine
Hi Kim, Thank you for the CANVA training this morning. As you know I’m not wired for creativity and am inclined to want to do everything quickly, which very often trips me up especially when working with technology. But your methodical, slow and clear training style helped me to slow myself down which meant I was able to follow your instructions on the screen as well as take notes. I don’t aspire to be a Canva expert but I know that with what I’ve learnt today and with practice I’ll be able to do my social media posts without always relying on and waiting for my SM Manager to assist.
Trish Bartholomew, Business Owner, MRB Financial Services, Broker Specialist | Advisor
Hi Kim The Canva session was amazing. I have wanted to attempt Canva for ages now. But just lacked the confidence and was completely terrified. As I am with anything technical 🙈🙈. But you read your audience so well. I never for one moment panicked, in fact I absolutely feel in love with the possibilities I just added in an early morning session!! I can’t wait to create my own Facebook post!!! Thank you once again. And also thank you for standing firm on keeping it for beginners. It was spot on the mark. Have an awesome day.
Mandy Conradt, Creative Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Mandsmade
Thank you Kim. That was a great Canva workshop!! For the first time ever, I haven't walked away with just pages of notes which I now have to work through at a "later stage". A later stage that never comes. The extras I learnt have given me more confidence with Canva as well as I will no longer need to set 2 hours aside to do a post😄. Thank you!!!
Nicky Askew, Coach & Business Owner, T-rific Painters
Hi Kim, you don't know me, but I just wanted to say well-done on the work and self-belief you have instilled in a good friend of mine. I chatted to him yesterday during a virtual coffee meeting and he is a completely different person. He has discovered his worth. It is just so wonderful to see. Thank you again!
I really must thank you for this morning. My brain has been flaring up since our meeting with fabulous ideas. You really are excellent at what you do. You are my ray of inspiration for the week. Thanks Kim.
Patricia Marais, Entrepreneur & Business Consultant
Thanks so much for the words of encouragement.... finding my niche has been a game-changer.... I am getting the engagement that I was seeking from my audience. They are now super clear on the work that I do!!
Tandaza Ntikinca, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Journey To Self Healing - Body Healer
Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to honor my coach Kim Knight. She is the best coach. She has a genuine desire to help grow businesses and that love shows in her work. She helped me turnaround myself in no time and believed in me when no one else would. I am truly grateful and appreciative. Thanks Kim, as I keep saying You're Amazingly Amazing. 🌹💖🤗 love you lots. If you are an entrepreneur and you feel you hit the ceiling, give her a shout. Kim@kimknightcoaching.com
Sunil Sew, Entrepreneur & Business Owner & Social Media Success Guru!
I have been working with Kim Knight for 18 months now and her insight, balance and wisdom has been invaluable - something that I have never taken for granted!
Sue Rankin, Business Owner, Metabolic Menu
Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to honor my coach Kim Knight. She is the best coach. She has a genuine desire to help grow businesses and that love shows in her work. She helped me turnaround myself in no time and believed in me when no one else would. I am truly grateful and appreciative. Thanks Kim, as I keep saying You're Amazingly Amazing. 🌹💖🤗 love you lots. If you are an entrepreneur and you feel you hit the ceiling, give her a shout.
Sunil Sew, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Social Media Success!
Kim, I am learning so much from you regarding packaging the same information and knowledge into different products to generate various income streams! It is so exciting and inspiring. Thank you.
Tandaza Nticinka, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Body Healing
Dear Kim. Thank you for an awesome workshop, Brainstorming Your Business for the New Norm'. It really was time well spent and even though I did not complete the action plan on the day after the course, I am starting it now. So, it just goes to show that sometimes you have to attend a course to put your thoughts onto paper. I have my worksheets laid out in front of me 🙂 Thank you again Kim.
Arashnee, the Water Lady, Director & Business Owner, Refresha Trading
I just completed Kim Knight's Brainstorm Your Business for the New Norm and I am truly inspired. In times of great change and uncertainty we need to act quickly to not only save our businesses but look for ways that we can thrive and as always Kim delivered exactly that. Now it's time to put it into action. Thanks Kim.
Kas Naidoo, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Next Level Up
Hi Kim, Wow! Many thanks for today’s workshop. I realised that there’s so much more I can do. I need to shift my mindset and get going!
Nomfundo Dlamini, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, NLP Breakthrough Coaching
Hi Kim, thank you once again for a brilliant workshop — you really put into perspective quite a few aspects of rolling out my workshops, both physical and virtual. My aim is to begin running The Art of Listening workshops in Joburg, so I'll apply your formula to that venture. Many thanks!
Guy McGowan, ‘A Guy Amongst Guys’, Mentor, Listener, Author & Artist
Dankie Coach 🙏 for everything. Within 3 months of being on the Mastermind quadrupled my prices and got more clients than ever before. Not in my wildest dreams would I have guessed I would be hosting sought after popular live and online workshops because I had a real fear of talking in public. I was telling a fellow entrepreneur the other day how you activated me. All gratitude and appreciation to you. Only you ❤️
Sunil, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Social Media Success
Dearest Kim, you are the kindest. You are always mailing uplifting and positive reads. I was referencing you in my conversation yesterday, as someone who is always checking in on us so regularly. Its so encouraging.
Sagren Naidoo, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, New Horizon Metals
Dear Kim our coaching call this morning was a real eye-opener and a super guide for me!! Thank you!!
Tandaza Nticinka
Hi Kim, I really want to thank you for an amazing retreat. It has done wonders for me in so many ways. I am motivated and have direction. Even my Assistant said to me she could see the change in my energy since coming back from the retreat. Not only do I have direction and my plan of action for my coaching but my mind cleared up so much that I am even seeing a few things differently in T-rifik Painters.This has taught me how important it is to get away from the day to day “stuff” in order to move forward and grow. I am so excited and pretty sure I will attend next year’s retreat too😊😊.
Niki Askew, Entrepreneur & Owner, T-RIFIK Painters
I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate you. I appreciate you so much, I really hope you know.
Zara Ebrahim (pseudonym), Student
Thank you Kim!. I am deeply grateful for your guidance.
Tyra Moodley, Start Up
I am currently in Kim Knight's Top 6 Mastermind business coaching programme. It's so great to be learning from someone so knowledgeable about small business! I really love being part of the community of entrepreneurs she mentors and coaches. I have been so inspired by the way Kim conducts/manages her business, showing by example more than anything else. No matter what Kim always shows up putting her best foot forward! Not sure where She gets all her energy from but it’s an impressive reserve! I can say without doubt Kim Knight walks her talk! If you want to learn from the best look no further.
Julie Barnes, Owner & Founder, Hot Choclat Graphic Designs
Hi Kim! Thank you so much for the business Breakthrough Session. I’ve been excitedly & nonstop talking since yesterday!! I realized that when the fear of staying exactly where you are at becomes bigger than the fear of moving forward... you will move regardless!! I’m grateful God send me help! You have awakened a drive behind my dream to just GO!!! (step by step of course...) THANK YOU!
Trudi Roets, Budding Entrepreneur , Holistic Personal Trainer
Thank you so much for turning my business around! Every bit your advice has been the greatest turning point of my business. I love working with you and I am really grateful to have met you and that you are part of my tribe! Everything the Mastermind program has taught me has been GOLD and last but not least Kim, your support for my business and my entrepreneur journey is absolutely priceless.
Sheree Timm, Entrepreneur & Business Owner Spotlight Digital
Just thought I’d let you know that Easy Green will confidently turn close to R 4 million this year. Just shows you that your Top 6 Mastermind system works. I am so proud of my team and today we were also able to settle all outstanding debts with the revenue department so a peaceful night’s sleep is ahead for me. 🤩 Also, I am committed to cutting out extras, tighten up and pivot to bigger profits next year.
Nathan, Easy Green Director & Entrepreneur, December 2018
Good morning Kim. Apologies for the early morning message, but with such great news I couldn’t wait. With the company we just purchased, and which showed only R 450 profitability when we bought it, was up to 50k in just a few weeks (I had to visit each customer). With new orders after the Top 6 Mastermind meeting we were up to 80k. We just received the news yesterday that we have made our 6 figures with the last orders that was pulled through the system for the month. I feel so proud because it was my knowledge from the Mastermind Program that allowed me to ensure that the customer knows that I am here to solve and assist in their challenging areas and as a result were confident to give me their business.
Fazila Khan, Director S M Trading, 5 October 2018
The reason I went on Kim’s Turkey Retreat this year was because I was attracted to the idea of a pain-free, hassle-free trip where I’d get to meet other like-minded folk who were probably also Way-too-busy-to-organise-the-holiday-I-so-desperately-need! The retreat was indeed pain-free & hassle-free & totally wonderful! I fell in love with Turkey again (it was my second trip to this beautiful land) and Kim organised & thought of everything, from beginning to end, down to the most thoughtful of little details. Kim also provided an abundance of useful shopping & travelling tips throughout the trip. The mix of group learning & discussion sessions vs own self-discovery/contemplation time was excellent, as was the balance between group travelling activities vs free time to explore or just chill out at the hotel or beach. We were blessed to be in an intimate yet diverse group that instantly bonded with each other. We had a lot of fun but we also experienced a high degree of personal growth. It was one of the most uplifting travel & self-growth experiences I have ever enjoyed. I would highly recommend doing such a retreat to anyone seeking a very personal, enriching travel experience that comes with a big dose of soul & a giant helping of personal care. Kim is truly gifted at what she does; she is an inspiring & deeply caring human being. It was a joy to have her guiding us on this retreat in so many different ways, and I must say a huge thank you to Kim for the love, light & the compassion and for sharing her gifts & knowledge with us. Our lives are the richer for having shared this time & experience with Kim & each other; I don’t believe any of us will ever forget our Turkey Retreat 2018 so deep an impression did it leave upon us.
Tracey Tomlinson, August 2018
It was such an amazing 2 days with Kim Knight. The "Millionaire Mindset Retreat" was the best business focused event to date for me. The authenticity of Kim, her teachings, techniques, time keeping, the way she allowed us to unpack our businesses in our minds and put it onto paper. Kim allowed us the space to delve into our business into such detail and create structure that brings the dream of owning a business to a reality. I must acknowledge the many "Aha" moments and insights I experienced at the retreat, so much so that I am excited to dive straight in and keep my focus on my goal of succeeding in my new business venture.
#BeTheShift 🎯 Renil Jagessar, 23 November 2018
“When I joined the Top 6 Mastermind a year ago, I was excited but also fearful due to my lack of business savvy. I was like Bambi caught in the headlights. I had never bought or owned a business. Within a few months I was networking, getting clarity on my niche market, building up a great team while clarifying my service offerings, vision and mission for the spa. Top 6 has given me extraordinary confidence and a renewed self –belief. I will continue to uphold my high standards, always trust my intuition and keep taking brave steps forward. Within six months, I had managed to get the spa out of the red and within the year was making a profit. Riverside Spa is growing and by following the Top 6 formula with my focus and hard work is on track to grow our revenue.”
Louise Davies, Riverside Spa Owner, November 2018
“I knew from the moment I met Kim that I wanted to work with her and be a part of the Top 6 Mastermind. Her work ethic, professional approach and deep sense of caring sets her a head of the rest. Even though I was under huge financial pressure I just had to make a plan with money and I have not regretted a day since I signed up. A year later I have completed my second successful all female “Rise of the Matriarch expedition 2018” into Africa with all female crew and joined by Tommi Wolfe, the founder of Top 6 covering 11 235 km in the heart of Southern Africa to help raise awareness and funds for our wildlife. I feel elated, energized and ready to take on my next adventure. Nothing beats the pragmatic approach, support and life-long friendships and alliances made on the Mastermind program. I cannot wait for my next step and am truly excited about where I am heading. I am loving my personal and business growth and would highly recommend Kim and the Top 6 MM to any entrepreneurs out there. Just having the knowledge and support is really powerful”
Carla Geyser, Part time Adventurer....conservationist and humanitarian, Blue Sky Society Trust, October 2018
Like many start-ups, I foolishly thought that I could get by on passion and purpose alone. Then I attended Kim Knight’s Client Attraction workshop and realised why, eight months down the line, my business wasn’t hitting the targets that I would’ve liked it to. I signed up for the Mastermind programme immediately and it was, without a doubt, the best investment in my business. It literally transformed how I think about my business and helped me successfully navigate the challenges that seem so insurmountable for a start-up. The Mastermind programme empowered me with skills and insights that work. They really do work! In just one year, I have taken my business to a new level, winning accolades along the way. I have developed the confidence to speak on stage and have fine-tuned my niche and service offerings to the point where I am able to catapult clients to the international arena. Kim has also helped me successfully work through my challenges with Time so I am able to enjoy the best of both worlds – make an impactful contribution to the South African media and communications industry while being at home with my son! That, above all else, is priceless for me.
Anisa Ussuph, Award Winning Content Writer and Media Specialist, October 2018
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kim Knight for helping me turn my business around. Just to give you some background. I’ve been a struggling entrepreneur for some years and I was ready to throw in the towel and go back to corporate. I had low self-esteem and no confidence, was dealing with bad clients and had an attitude of desperation. I met Kim Knight and instantaneously we connected. Ever since meeting Kim and enrolling in her Top 6 Mastermind program, I have discovered my self-worth and now have clients who I love working with. In fact, I have made such a big change that I am now hosting my own workshops and doing public speaking. Ever since doing Kim’s ‘Client Attraction’ workshop my business has shifted to another dimension. Thank you Kim Knight! It’s an honor and privilege to be under your mentorship. You have only helped me immensely on all levels, both personally and in business. What I love the most about Kim is her caring and loving approach to her clients and to their businesses.
Sunil Sew, Social Media Training, October 2017
Hi Kim New SeasonZ (my company) has received an order of 100 books from PC Training College, Durban. Everything is approved and I will be delivering their stock early next week. I am sharing this news because you are amongst the people who have contributed in building more confidence in me for this product. This happened through the Friday stories you usually send us, two in particular that spoke about book marketing.
Liziwe - Owner, New Season Consultant
Thank you so much Kim! You have played a major role in my life when everything was upside down. Here I today after the storm of my life with the new vehicle for my business.
Siyabonga Xulu - 19 April 2018
Good morning Kim . Thank you for the love and assistance that you have given me throughout the year. I can’t believe how much I have changed in the last months- and it is all because of you.
Shika Siverpersad Attorneys & Conveyancers
To Kim Knight, your lessons of life and how to better yourself through simply beating small challenges, even if just one everyday to feel fully motivated and successful has changed my life.
Nathan Keegan - 7 May 2018
I would like to take this opportunity and send my gratitude to the most vital people in my business life and my life, firstly would like to thank Kim Knight my best mentor in the whole world with the best family ever the Masterminders program. You guys you rock, you have played a vital roll in my life and my business and today when I look at all these achievements, I'm so humble by your genuine love and support you showed me even today. I love you all. Lastly it is my wish for all the small growing businesses to join this loving family of the "TOP 6 FIGURE MASTERMINDERS PROGRAM. It is working! You will see a turn around in your business that you never imagined.
Siyabonga Xulu - 5 May 2018