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One-on-one coaching

You probably don’t realise that you need a mind-set makeover. So, ask yourself these questions and be really honest in your responses: Are you exhausted or dissatisfied about being in the same place over and over? Do you want to live life differently, and be more empowered, confident and purposeful? Do you want to give mediocrity the boot and embrace the exceptional? If you said yes to any of the questions but don’t know how to go about making a change, then you are in the right place! I have helped hundreds of people reinvent their lives through inspired action, turning their visions and dreams into reality. My private, focused coaching sessions are designed to empower you to lead a more joyful, successful and fulfilling life.


If you’re stuck in a corporate disaster tale with a career that is going nowhere or a job that you don’t like, then my executive coaching sessions are the perfect antidote.  Learn how to achieve higher levels of performance, increased job satisfaction and remarkable personal growth. I offer a powerful executive turnaround strategy that includes personal change, career transition, improved communication, and effective conflict and performance management.

For more than a decade, through Kim Knight Coaching, I have helped, inspired and motivated hundreds of individuals and businesses to achieve genuine results. Many of my clients are based abroad as the virtual support I offer via Skype and email is no less impactful than the clients who are able to meet with me face-to-face so you tap into me from anywhere in the world!


There’s no doubt that the combination of passion and aspiration is a formidable driving force for every entrepreneur. However, when you’re boldly charting new waters, the journey can be rough and unpredictable. This is when an investment in a good business or entrepreneurial program will give you all the knowledge, skills and support you need to effectively run a business. The one-year Mastermind program that I offer is popular with service-based entrepreneurs who are determined to break six figures fast. It provides workable, practical and implementable solutions so you can minimise or avoid the stumbling blocks that most people face in their entrepreneurial journey, and successfully build a thriving business.


Imagine how much you will learn about yourself and your business when you escape from your daily stresses and routine to focus on issues in an idyllic, adventurous setting? I am happy to share to my local and international retreat options are immensely popular with individuals who want to tear down the barriers to imagination and bold thinking. An extraordinary combination of a travel holiday with deep personal and business learnings, these retreats help fast-track positive change and commitment so you return home invigorated, inspired and with an action plan to boot!

intercultural training

As residents of a global business village, success depends on being able to communicate to a diverse audience and dealing with the practical challenges of working internationally. I am often called upon by organisations worldwide for my intercultural training and facilitation, which has  helped scores of executives successfully walk the global cultural tightrope. These sessions equip you with the necessary tools so you have a sound understanding of multiple cultures and effective multi-cultural communication, giving you a competitive edge.

group coaching

The collective wisdom of a group setting often hits the sweet spot when exploring a certain life issue over a period of time. It is why group coaching is so powerful – and popular! Throughout the years, I have facilitated small or medium-sized groups, providing an intimate, safe conversation and learning space for individuals who want to revamp perspectives with the help from peers. It is truly incredible what you can accomplish through group coaching!


Of all my successes and accomplishments, I am truly humbled and blessed to be able to create inspirational, collaborative hubs for business clients and community members to engage meaningfully with each other. My regular workshops are intimate and personal. Here, I share my skills, insights, expertise and support to facilitate a learning environment that is both rewarding and empowering. These intimate networking opportunities are high on any business health barometer.

Just thought I’d let you know that Easy Green will confidently turn close to R 4 million this year. Just shows you that your Top 6 Mastermind system works. I am so proud of my team and today we were also able to settle all outstanding debts with the revenue department so a peaceful night’s sleep is ahead for me. 🤩 Also, I am committed to cutting out extras, tighten up and pivot to bigger profits next year.
Nathan, Easy Green Director & Entrepreneur, December 2018
Top-of- the morning to you Kim, I have woken up at 5.45 am every morning this week and went for a 5 km run. I’m very excited about you coming into my life 😘
Anonymous, December 2018
Good morning Kim. Apologies for the early morning message, but with such great news I couldn’t wait. With the company we just purchased, and which showed only R 450 profitability when we bought it, was up to 50k in just a few weeks (I had to visit each customer). With new orders after the Top 6 Mastermind meeting we were up to 80k. We just received the news yesterday that we have made our 6 figures with the last orders that was pulled through the system for the month. I feel so proud because it was my knowledge from the Mastermind Program that allowed me to ensure that the customer knows that I am here to solve and assist in their challenging areas and as a result were confident to give me their business.
Fazila Khan, Director S M Trading, 5 October 2018
Dear Kim Thank you sooo much for such a wonderful 2-day Retreat! It wouldn't have come at any other better time! What an informative and inspiring 2-day session - priceless and timeless suggestions and strategies to improve our businesses. Particularly the following were very useful to me: a. Having a Vision for one's business b. The importance of business planning - both strategically and annually c. Being purpose driven d. Facing one's fear e. Batching tasks Looking forward to further engagements that will assist grow our businesses!
Zama G. Gumede, Entrepreneur, November 2018
Simply said, 'I took a leap of faith and traveled to Turkey for Kim Knight's retreat. I left a mundane life to return to a world of magical possibilities. If you are unsure, trust me when I say, this trip will change who you are, only for you to become who you were always meant to be. Whether it is for you to heal, reflect or even just remember what you love, it is created to better all of you. With a perfect balance of thought-provoking philosophies of life, to exquisite views and sensations, Turkey is the place to be, with no other, but Kim Knight. Trust me when I say, make the trip. It will change your world.'
Y Rajkumar, August 2018
The Turkish Life Mastery Retreat is a real game changer, it was the most fantastic trip of self-discovery, growth & empowerment, but was also a terrific adventure & great way to experience Turkey! I would highly recommend it to anyone as a transformational gift to self! Kim set the tone for a superb trip with her incredible level of care & attention to detail. Our group was a special mix of unique individuals & we had a brilliant time together, not only bonding in our work sessions but sharing all these cool & fabulous experiences of Turkey that Kim had lined up for us, - we had a really fun & joyful time. We have all became firm friends with a common vision of growth & the desire to be better humans. Kim was our great & fearless leader on the trip, she crafted an awesome itinerary that was a combination of insightful amazing workshops but also lots of play, whereby we experienced the best of Turkey & its highlights in a very authentic way. There was plenty of time to relax, enjoy the beach, shop, explore & have one’s ‘own time’. In terms of the workshops, Kim created a sacred space of sharing & wisdom, she was truly amazing & profoundly distilled our pearls & epiphany’s daily, adding a deep layer of understanding & learning for us all that has lingered long past the retreat. This was so much more than a holiday & so more than a retreat – it was a truly fantastic experience! With deep gratitude .
Lindsay Thompson, Events Director, November 2018
As a well-established and successful business owner, it took me some time to make up my mind to attend Kim Knight’s Millionaires Mindset Retreat, thinking how would it benefit me? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Kim has a knack firstly of finding the most amazing venues (I didn’t want to leave) and her material and content on this 2-day workshop retreat was unique, inspiring, and with so much practical application that I left feeling, “yes” this is how I can take my business to the next level and achieve my 3-year vision. Thank you Kim for your authentic care and concern for and interest in each participant and my personal and business life are richer for having being a part of this retreat.
Trish Bartholomew, MRB Financial Services, November 2018
The reason I went on Kim’s Turkey Retreat this year was because I was attracted to the idea of a pain-free, hassle-free trip where I’d get to meet other like-minded folk who were probably also Way-too-busy-to-organise-the-holiday-I-so-desperately-need! The retreat was indeed pain-free & hassle-free & totally wonderful! I fell in love with Turkey again (it was my second trip to this beautiful land) and Kim organised & thought of everything, from beginning to end, down to the most thoughtful of little details. Kim also provided an abundance of useful shopping & travelling tips throughout the trip. The mix of group learning & discussion sessions vs own self-discovery/contemplation time was excellent, as was the balance between group travelling activities vs free time to explore or just chill out at the hotel or beach. We were blessed to be in an intimate yet diverse group that instantly bonded with each other. We had a lot of fun but we also experienced a high degree of personal growth. It was one of the most uplifting travel & self-growth experiences I have ever enjoyed. I would highly recommend doing such a retreat to anyone seeking a very personal, enriching travel experience that comes with a big dose of soul & a giant helping of personal care. Kim is truly gifted at what she does; she is an inspiring & deeply caring human being. It was a joy to have her guiding us on this retreat in so many different ways, and I must say a huge thank you to Kim for the love, light & the compassion and for sharing her gifts & knowledge with us. Our lives are the richer for having shared this time & experience with Kim & each other; I don’t believe any of us will ever forget our Turkey Retreat 2018 so deep an impression did it leave upon us.
Tracey Tomlinson, August 2018
It was such an amazing 2 days with Kim Knight. The "Millionaire Mindset Retreat" was the best business focused event to date for me. The authenticity of Kim, her teachings, techniques, time keeping, the way she allowed us to unpack our businesses in our minds and put it onto paper. Kim allowed us the space to delve into our business into such detail and create structure that brings the dream of owning a business to a reality. I must acknowledge the many "Aha" moments and insights I experienced at the retreat, so much so that I am excited to dive straight in and keep my focus on my goal of succeeding in my new business venture.
#BeTheShift 🎯 Renil Jagessar, 23 November 2018
I would recommend the annual Millionaire Mindset Retreat in South Africa to anyone wanting to change their business, or even their life. We were literally able to measure how our mindset had changed within 24 hours with the help of various practical exercises and interactions scattered throughout the 2 days. The content is extremely relevant and Kim presents with a high level of excellence. I would do it again! Thanks again Kim, it was so worthwhile!
Maura Hardman, 25 November 2018
“When I joined the Top 6 Mastermind a year ago, I was excited but also fearful due to my lack of business savvy. I was like Bambi caught in the headlights. I had never bought or owned a business. Within a few months I was networking, getting clarity on my niche market, building up a great team while clarifying my service offerings, vision and mission for the spa. Top 6 has given me extraordinary confidence and a renewed self –belief. I will continue to uphold my high standards, always trust my intuition and keep taking brave steps forward. Within six months, I had managed to get the spa out of the red and within the year was making a profit. Riverside Spa is growing and by following the Top 6 formula with my focus and hard work is on track to grow our revenue.”
Louise Davies, Riverside Spa Owner, November 2018
“I knew from the moment I met Kim that I wanted to work with her and be a part of the Top 6 Mastermind. Her work ethic, professional approach and deep sense of caring sets her a head of the rest. Even though I was under huge financial pressure I just had to make a plan with money and I have not regretted a day since I signed up. A year later I have completed my second successful all female “Rise of the Matriarch expedition 2018” into Africa with all female crew and joined by Tommi Wolfe, the founder of Top 6 covering 11 235 km in the heart of Southern Africa to help raise awareness and funds for our wildlife. I feel elated, energized and ready to take on my next adventure. Nothing beats the pragmatic approach, support and life-long friendships and alliances made on the Mastermind program. I cannot wait for my next step and am truly excited about where I am heading. I am loving my personal and business growth and would highly recommend Kim and the Top 6 MM to any entrepreneurs out there. Just having the knowledge and support is really powerful”
Carla Geyser, Part time Adventurer....conservationist and humanitarian, Blue Sky Society Trust, October 2018
Hi Kim, I have to share this with you. After our session, I realized that it my mindset that was affecting my business numbers. After that realization and a small shift in my approach to the industry, I've had 4 event bookings within the last few days and 2 more that I'm drawing up invoices for now including one from New York! I have goose bumps. You are REMARKABLE and I still want to make the difference that YOU make to peoples’ lives.
Bishan Soni, Media King, 13 March 2018
Dearest Kim. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me conquer a fear by giving me the opportunity to speak today. I was a bundle of nerves at the beginning but actually started to enjoy it afterwards! It feels somehow "liberating" to have shared my story and cathartic too. Thank you for the gorgeous gifts - I love them all! I'm a hoarder of lovely stationery so you couldn't have chosen better! And the kinderjoy for my son is just the cherry on the top!! I really mean it, Kim....I am so thankful that you have come into my life....my own guiding Angel❤🙏🌸
Anisa Ussuph, KZN Media & Communications, 19 April 2018
Like many start-ups, I foolishly thought that I could get by on passion and purpose alone. Then I attended Kim Knight’s Client Attraction workshop and realised why, eight months down the line, my business wasn’t hitting the targets that I would’ve liked it to. I signed up for the Mastermind programme immediately and it was, without a doubt, the best investment in my business. It literally transformed how I think about my business and helped me successfully navigate the challenges that seem so insurmountable for a start-up. The Mastermind programme empowered me with skills and insights that work. They really do work! In just one year, I have taken my business to a new level, winning accolades along the way. I have developed the confidence to speak on stage and have fine-tuned my niche and service offerings to the point where I am able to catapult clients to the international arena. Kim has also helped me successfully work through my challenges with Time so I am able to enjoy the best of both worlds – make an impactful contribution to the South African media and communications industry while being at home with my son! That, above all else, is priceless for me.
Anisa Ussuph, Award Winning Content Writer and Media Specialist, October 2018
Thank you Kim for opening up my new world in business. You are one of my Angels. May your life be filled with many happy moment and may you have the wisdom and strength to keep adding massive value as you do to others' lives.
Agnes Vermaak Jo-thams Guest House, Durban, KZN, South Africa, Sept 2018
Thanks Kim for an excellent morning, I learnt a lot! I can understand why some people were doing it for the 2nd & 3rd times! It all went like clock-work, and again, I met some amazing people. You were very supportive and handled some difficult questions well. So glad to be a part of this circle of influencers! Thank you once again for the awesome prize, sounds just like what I need!
Maura Hardman, Fibonacci, Design & Marketing Products, July 2018
Thank you for your time earlier today, Kim. After our call I felt so hopeful, encouraged & energised by the possibilities that lie ahead. Best Regards, Maura.
Maura Hardman, Fibonacci, Design & Marketing Products, 2 October 2018
Hi Kim, thank you very much for an enjoyable and very informative workshop yesterday. As for the crunchies – they were pretty amazing too😊. Not only did I get value from the Sales / Marketing side but it really hit home that we are in the “Expand” stage and this has helped me open my eyes to doing some things differently. Thank you again and hope to see you soon. Kind regards. Nicky
Nicky Askew, T-Rifik Painters, July 2018
Hi Kim, just a quick note of appreciation for a really great workshop yesterday and great to have met you. It was so worth attending – and long overdue. The content of the workshop was brilliant and the people I met, awesome. There was a really nice positive “vibe” in the room, something I haven’t experienced at a networking session in a while. I would love to attend the “Meetup Club” in the future. My best wishes, may you go from strength-to-strength in your business. Kind regards, Jenny.
Jenny Taylor, Zizi Marketing, July 2018
With Kim’s mentoring and coaching, the profound change helped me grow and improve myself both personally and professionally. My journey with Kim was a metamorphosis that helped me overcome challenges that were holding me back to turn my visions into realities. I learnt to face my challenges head on with Kim’s encouragement and support and was able to set goals and she was there to make sure I was on track with them. When I met Kim I was just a year in business desperately trying to juggle being a business woman, mother and wife. Kim helped me structure and align my goals and vision for the business that propelled me to take my business that had 1 employee to a current staff of 7 employees and with an increase of 500% in turnover which helped me take the award for ‘Wealth Creator in a Business’ at a recent graduation ceremony for entrepreneurs. Kim’s unique way of understanding and explaining and her compassionate nature have transformed me to be a more effective leader in my business and a more patient and loving parent and wife. In a life-time people come and go, while some make an impact that will stay on forever and Kim is one of those people in my life. She remains my constant source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement every week.
Kalai, Business Owner, Coverall - Durban, South Africa 1 December 2017
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kim Knight for helping me turn my business around. Just to give you some background. I’ve been a struggling entrepreneur for some years and I was ready to throw in the towel and go back to corporate. I had low self-esteem and no confidence, was dealing with bad clients and had an attitude of desperation. I met Kim Knight and instantaneously we connected. Ever since meeting Kim and enrolling in her Top 6 Mastermind program, I have discovered my self-worth and now have clients who I love working with. In fact, I have made such a big change that I am now hosting my own workshops and doing public speaking. Ever since doing Kim’s ‘Client Attraction’ workshop my business has shifted to another dimension. Thank you Kim Knight! It’s an honor and privilege to be under your mentorship. You have only helped me immensely on all levels, both personally and in business. What I love the most about Kim is her caring and loving approach to her clients and to their businesses.
Sunil Sew, Social Media Training, October 2017
I have known Kim for at least 10 years, having met her on line at a training we were both attending. We are in the same profession, both coaches and trainers. I was impressed with her intelligence and asked her to coach me. My experience with her as my coach was very positive. Kim is savvy at bringing to my awareness my thoughts, behaviors and attitudes and also identifying my goals. She helped me see where I was getting in the way of my success. She and I have compared many notes about training situations and I’ve been impressed with her skills as a trainer to transfer knowledge to the adult learner. I’ve kept in touch with Kim and her own goals and pursuits over these past several years and see her achievements. The words that come to mind to describe her include passion, integrity, highly skilled, caring, loyal, dedicated and mentorship.
Jane Jane Morrison, CLC President, Leap Growth Group: Executive Coaching & Leadership Training “Enhancing Leader’s Skills, Resulting in Exceptional Business Success”
Dear Kim, today, I am shaking with excitement because I am able to share that this month I closed 4 new contracts for events, most of which are for weddings. Yesterday I was looking at my stats just like you have always encouraged me to do and I realized that the value of those sales came to R112,600 and … It's not the end of the month yet! I may potentially close 2 more contracts with clients who seem quite interested. I've reached deals worth 6 figures this month 😅😅 feels so good to say that! I just over a year, I have gone from an average of R 25 000 per month to 6 figures. Thank you, Kim! Your advice throughout this year has been the forefront of all the decisions I've made. Really it has. I always ask myself, what would Kim do, or what would she say to me. And immediately the answers to my problems come to me. If I had not been monitoring my stats, I would not have known the value of those sales this month. Stats is my new favourite hobby 🙂
Bishan Soni, Founder & Creative Director Media King, 21 September 2018
Hi Kim New SeasonZ (my company) has received an order of 100 books from PC Training College, Durban. Everything is approved and I will be delivering their stock early next week. I am sharing this news because you are amongst the people who have contributed in building more confidence in me for this product. This happened through the Friday stories you usually send us, two in particular that spoke about book marketing.
Liziwe - Owner, New Season Consultant
Thank you so much Kim! You have played a major role in my life when everything was upside down. Here I today after the storm of my life with the new vehicle for my business.
Siyabonga Xulu - 19 April 2018
Good morning Kim . Thank you for the love and assistance that you have given me throughout the year. I can’t believe how much I have changed in the last months- and it is all because of you.
Shika Siverpersad Attorneys & Conveyancers
To Kim Knight, your lessons of life and how to better yourself through simply beating small challenges, even if just one everyday to feel fully motivated and successful has changed my life.
Nathan Keegan - 7 May 2018
I would like to take this opportunity and send my gratitude to the most vital people in my business life and my life, firstly would like to thank Kim Knight my best mentor in the whole world with the best family ever the Masterminders program. You guys you rock, you have played a vital roll in my life and my business and today when I look at all these achievements, I'm so humble by your genuine love and support you showed me even today. I love you all. Lastly it is my wish for all the small growing businesses to join this loving family of the "TOP 6 FIGURE MASTERMINDERS PROGRAM. It is working! You will see a turn around in your business that you never imagined.
Siyabonga Xulu - 5 May 2018